Solitaire Rings

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Glimmering Solitaire Ring

Glimmering Solitaire Ring

₹ 140,418₹ 112,334
Add a touch of glam to your festive wear with this spectacular men’s solitaire ring crafted with 14kt white gold. The glam level of the diamond ring goes up with...
Theatrical Solitaire Band

Theatrical Solitaire Band

₹ 140,775₹ 126,697
This flawless design will complement your traditional as well as contemporary festive outfits. This stunning diamond band shines brighter with marquise shaped solitaire in the centre joining enamelled side of...
Yellow Diamond Heart Ring

Yellow Diamond Heart Ring

₹ 140,135₹ 126,121
A stylish ring crafted in 18kt white and yellow gold and studded with a beautiful yellow diamond. This ring is the perfect everyday accessory you need.

The beauty of a solitaire studded jewelry lies in its simplicity and elegance. A single diamond sparkling bright like a star, garners all the attention it deserves. Diamondtree has an exquisite collection of Solitaire Diamond Jewelry including solitaire ring, solitaire earrings, solitaire nosepin, solitaire bracelet, solitaire bangle, solitaire necklace set  and solitaire pendants.  

Get yourself a classic solitaire ring or a trending solitaire studded pendant, we would serve you the best diamond jewelry on the platter.  

Solitaire settings and designing

The most popular setting in solitaire rings is with the diamond mounted in center in a traditionally beautiful look where it gets all the attention. The classic timeless piece which will never lose its brilliance and would never go out of style- A simple band crafted in 14kt or 18kt White Gold , Rose gold, Yellow Gold or Platinum studded with a scintillating solitaire. However, latest solitaire rings are extremely versatile on the designing part. You can hand-pick any chunky design to mount your selected solitaire or pair the classic solitaire ring with a diamond studded band or a cocktail ring design. Diamondtree has numerous options in mounts that you will surely find one suitable for your unique style.

Solitaire and its 4C’s

It is easy to determine the value of a solitaire based on 4C’s- colour, cut, clarity and carat.

The colour: Colour range from D-Z where D being the rarest and colorless diamond is available at Diamondtree. Flaunt your D color solitaire look asscherring from our stunning D-E-F collection creatively assembled by our jewelry designers. 

The clarity: Our brand offers diamonds of your preferred clarity along with imparting complete knowledge to you as to which clarity would perfectly align with your price range and choice, to give you a satisfied buying experience.

The cut: The cut of a solitaire depends completely on your choice. While the most classic and popular cut is the brilliant round cut with the greatest brilliance, followed by the princess cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, asscher cut diamond, radiant cut diamond, oval shaped diamond, marquise diamond, pear shape diamond, cushion cut diamond, and heart-shaped diamond.

Get yourself the best suitable diamond with your chosen carat weight and design.

Solitaire Engagement Ring- The most obvious declaration of love

Diamond engagement ring represents a lot more than just a piece of jewellery. It will be a timeless piece of jewellery worn throughout wedded life and needs to be of par excellence in quality and shine.

It is pretty prosaic for women to select a solitaire studded Diamond Engagement Ring because she knows that she is as precious to her partner as  much and more than the brilliant gem she wears on her finger. We have certified solitaire rings for women and classic yet modern diamond rings for men with sparkling Debeers Forevermark diamonds complementing and harbouring your beautiful bond forever.

We say solitaire is a souvenir as it captures your beautiful memories forever. Gift your beloved a sparkling solitaire from our ‘His & Her’ collection and cherish the love with our De Beers Forevermark diamonds that also come with certification and a promise of shining for you forever.

Solitaire pendants- Stunning everyday wear

Solitaire Pendants are a perfect example of simplicity yet remarkable jewelry piece. Casually carrying a solitaire around your neck has become a style statement for women and extremely noticeable as well. Browse through our extraordinary collection of latest solitaire pendant designs crafted in 14kt and 18kt gold of all colour variation.

One of our trending solitaire neckpiece design is a double layered gold chain studded with diamond studded floral motif along with a solitaire stealing the center of attention.

Pair a dazzling solitaire pendant along with a striking pair of solitaire stud earrings and shine bright throughout your day.

Solitaire Earrings- The starlight charm

Grace your workwear with our solitaire studded earrings exquisitely creating the most beautiful illusion of a star studded on your earlobe. Since earrings sit near the face, where most of us look while speaking to someone, it has become vital to choose the right pair of earrings to accentuate your outfit. This is precisely why designers at Diamondtree bring to you a captivating range of diamond solitaire earrings available for women and kids. 

For our handsome men who adore diamonds we have solitaire studs that take their style quotient a notch higher.