Navaratna Polki Choker Set

₹ 581,538 ₹ 523,384 SAVE ₹ 58,154
Complete your royal look with this maharani navaratna polki necklace set and steal the show. Grab all the attention with this majestic natural polki diamond set crafted with 14kt yellow gold.
  • 21.74 g
  • 14kt
  • Yellow Gold
  • `
  • 2.34 ct
  • 4.4 ct
  • 76.7 ct
  • Pearl, Navaratna
  • 10% Flat Discount on MRP

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SKU: DTPS316 & DTPT615
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Product Details
  • Gross Weight: 38.43 g
  • Length: 9.0 in
  • Width: 24.0 mm
  • Height: 37.0 mm
Price Breakup
Component Rate Weight Original Value Discount Final Value
Gold 4397 21.74 95591 95591
Diamond & Polki 6.74 415987 415987
Gemstone 76.7 20412 20412
Making 32610 32610
Subtotal 564600 564600
Discount on MRP 10% 56460
Subtotal after Discount 508140
GST 16938 15244
Grand Total 581538 523384
The final price of the product and it's price break-up shall be shared after the product is manufactured as the gold, diamond and gemstones (if applicable) prices might slightly vary while manufacturing a new piece.

Introducing the Navaratna Polki Choker Set – a masterpiece of traditional craftsmanship and royal allure. This exquisite necklace set is designed to complete your maharani look, capturing the essence of regal elegance and timeless beauty. Crafted with precision in 14kt yellow gold, this set features majestic natural polki diamonds, promising to make you the center of attention at any gathering.

A Symphony of Tradition and Majesty

The Navaratna Polki Choker Set embodies the rich heritage and splendor of royal jewelry, featuring a unique combination of nine gemstones (navaratna) that are believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the wearer. Each stone is meticulously set alongside natural polki diamonds, creating a breathtaking display of brilliance and color against the warm backdrop of 14kt yellow gold.

Why Choose the Navaratna Polki Choker Set?

  • Royal Elegance: Inspired by maharani jewelry, this choker set is perfect for those who wish to embrace a royal and traditional look.
  • Majestic Craftsmanship: The natural polki diamonds and navaratna gemstones are expertly crafted in 14kt yellow gold, offering a majestic appeal.
  • Attention-Grabbing Design: This set is designed to grab all the attention, making you the showstopper with its unparalleled elegance and splendor.
  • Versatile Appeal: While it complements traditional attire perfectly, this choker set can also add a touch of royal charm to modern outfits.

Elevate Your Ensemble with Regal Splendor

The Navaratna Polki Choker Set is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's an emblem of royal beauty and traditional elegance. Ideal for weddings, festivals, and grand celebrations, this set promises to elevate your ensemble, ensuring you steal the show with your majestic presence.

Explore our curated collection of traditional and polki jewelry at Diamondtree to find pieces that beautifully complement your Navaratna Polki Choker Set. From elaborate earrings to sophisticated bracelets, our selection offers a wide range of options to complete your royal look.

Embrace Your Inner Maharani

Let the Navaratna Polki Choker Set be a reflection of your regal taste and elegance. With its majestic design and traditional charm, this set is a celebration of royal heritage, promising to add a touch of majesty to your jewelry collection. Adorn yourself with this exquisite choker set and embrace the allure of royal elegance that transcends time.