5 Basic Tips To Keep Your Diamonds Safe

5 Basic Tips To Keep Your Diamonds Safe

Diamonds are one of the most resilient gems that exist in nature, but even the toughest stones are prone to getting damaged from regular wear and tear. In order to retain their sparkle for eternity, treasure your diamond jewellery with immense love and care. Nothing extravagant, these precious jewels only require you to follow certain care instructions that are very easy to manage in your daily routine.

Basic Care

  • Avoid wearing jewellery while exercising: If you play a rough sport or go to gym regularly, ensure that you remove your diamond jewellery and carefully keep it in a safe place wrapped in a soft cloth or a tissue paper. While exercising you may not realise when and what hits the diamond, the metal or the prong setting. Rough wear can harm the setting, prompting the diamonds to loosen and giving space to rub against each other causing scratches and chipping. Little scratches can reduce the value and you would definitely not want such precious adornment‘s beauty to be deteriorated.

  • Avoid touching your diamonds: Another minute effort that you can bring into habit is always holding your jewellery with its metal. Diamonds tend to attract oil leading to deposition of stubborn dirt that can cause dampening of sparkle. Ensuring minimal touch and regular cleaning of diamond will avoid accumulation of natural oils from your hands to build up around the stone.

  • Caution while washing hands: Soap is not harmful unless it is a strong scented soap and contains harsh chemicals. Strong soaps and hand sanitizers can react with the metal and it can erode or dull the metal settings. Mild soap is preferable as it also helps in cleaning the dirt and keeping your diamond clean and shiny.

  • Effect of perfumes and chemicals: Just like the slightest moisture of your hands can detriment the jewellery, imagine the effect of harsh chemicals and solutions that the diamonds are exposed to on a daily basis. Avoid spraying a perfume, applying sunscreen or any chemical while wearing jewellery. These chemicals can cause a negative reaction with the metal holding your diamond and reduce its shine. It is best to wear your jewellery as the last thing when you are completely ready to slay.

  • Storing your jewellery in an appropriate manner is a must: Never pile up your diamond bracelet and a gemstone necklace altogether in a single box. Do not even store a pair of diamond earrings together as when they rub with each other they can cause unwanted scratches and damages. Always keep every single piece in different packaging wrapped in a tissue paper or a lint free cloth. You can keep the different pouches together in a box and your jewellery is completely protected and safe.

Despite of being careful, certain movements can cause harm that remains unnoticed. In such circumstances it is advisable that you visit an authorised jeweller every 6 months for a thorough inspection for loosen settings and scratched edges. You can visit any of the Diamondtree stores and get a setting check to keep your jewellery secure and sparkling forever.