5 Things You Must Know Before Your Next Diamond Purchase

5 Things You Must Know Before Your Next Diamond Purchase

Diamonds are appreciated for their exceptional beauty! However, Is the external beauty and shine enough to determine the value of a diamond? Maybe Not!

To build your trust in what you buy and make a well-informed purchase, let us guide you through a detailed explanation of five factors you ought to consider while buying diamonds. The 5C’s- Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat and Certification.

The Color: Many people think all diamonds are colorless. In reality, truly colorless diamonds are very rare. Diamonds are graded on a color scale that begins at D- that’s a colorless diamond and ends at Z- light yellow or brown. Within the typical color range, colorless diamonds (DEF) are the most valuable because of their rarity in nature. They set the standard for pricing of other diamonds in normal color range. Subtle differences in color can dramatically affect the value of the diamond. Two diamonds of the same clarity, weight and cut can differ in value based on color alone.

This image shows diamond color variation from colorless to nearly colorless to faint to light. Photo: GIA

The Clarity: Diamonds are naturally formed after billions of years underground. During their formation they undergo certain natural processes that cause inclusions inside them. These inclusions are not visible through naked eye. The clarity parameters range from IF (Internally Flawless) - the rarest form, where inclusion is not visible under 10x magnification to I (Included) - where inclusions may be visible to naked eye. If you are keen you may ask a diamond expert to show you the diamond under a microscope or an eye loop.

This image shows inclusions on the basis of their clarity. Photo: GIA

The Cut: One of the most crucial of all the 4C’s that determines the brilliance and sparkle of a diamond is the cut of a diamond. Cut does not only form the shape of the diamond, it is also a display of exquisite craftsmanship. The cut of diamond ranges from excellent to poor. Most diamonds available in the market are formed in excellent or a very good cut whereas diamonds with poor cut looks lifeless and dull. At Diamondtree you will find excellent to very good cut diamonds.

This image shows a poor, good and excellent cut from left to right. Photo: GIA

The Carat: The weight of a diamond is referred to as carat (ct). One carat is equal to 0.2 grams and it is divided into 100 points. For instance, there is a diamond of 1.35 ct. then it means it is 1 carat 35 points. Large diamonds are very rare in nature hence, they cost a lot more than smaller diamonds. Even a slight change in the carat weight can drop the price drastically while their appearance is more or less similar, for instance a diamond with 1.0 carat weight will be much more expensive than a 0.95 carat weight diamond.

Photo: GIA

The Certification: Always ensure you go to an authorized diamond jewellery brand that deals in authentic certified jewellery. You can either get flattered by the external shine of diamonds or you can properly understand and demand to know what exactly you are paying for. Trust is a must, so ensure you buy a certified jewellery with a guarantee card.

What’s your budget?

At Diamondtree, we provide solitaire of every possible combination amongst the 4C’s. Diamondtree is an official retail partner of Forevermark Diamond Jewellery brand. Hence, if you are looking for best quality Forevermark diamonds in Delhi NCR, we possess a stunning range of Forevermark diamond studded jewellery that comes with its own unique inscription and certification. Even if you are looking for the rare D color diamond with IF clarity, then Diamondtree is the place to be.

It is always better to have a fixed budget that you would like to spend on the diamond. Whether you want to go extra or be a bit modest, a fixed budget makes it easier to play around with the 4C’s- cut, color, clarity and carat. For example, if you want to buy a solitaire that appears bigger in size then you can tradeoff between other C’s such as color and clarity. Still confused? You can any day take an expert’s opinion at Diamondtree and also have a word with your friends and family. It is always great to have as many insights as you can.