Polki Necklace Set

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Classic Single String Polki Set

Classic Single String Polki Set

₹ 753,892₹ 678,503
The minimalistic design of this single string features a reimagined polki jewellery from a contemporary point of view. Step up your style with this fusion of traditional and western elegance...
Navaratna Polki Choker Set

Navaratna Polki Choker Set

₹ 585,529₹ 526,976
Complete your royal look with this maharani navaratna polki necklace set and steal the show. Grab all the attention with this majestic natural polki diamond set crafted with 14kt yellow...
Princess Beauty Polki Choker Set

Princess Beauty Polki Choker Set

₹ 588,780₹ 529,902
Elevate the opulence of every grand gathering with the beauty of this designer polki choker set. This exquisite natural polki diamond set is studded with emeralds and pearls to give...
Captivating Emeralds & Pearls Polki Choker Set

Captivating Emeralds & Pearls Polki Choker Set

₹ 771,599₹ 694,439
Look ravishing by pairing your mehendi outfit with this gorgeous polki choker set. This natural polki diamond necklace set is studded with electrifying emeralds, pearls and colorstones to make you...
Empress Polki Necklace Set

Empress Polki Necklace Set

₹ 653,924₹ 588,532
A single line of Polki Diamond Necklace with 14kt yellow gold, unfolds in radiant harmony, leading to a majestic green gemstone that dangles like a droplet of the forest's soul...

Buy Latest Design Polki Necklace Sets Online – Feel The Mughal Era

No matter how poignant western culture has been, certain treasures are too dense to insinuate like Indian traditions. Regardless of how modern and forward thinking an Indian bride is, her wedding closet will always be a big yes to be dolled up in a lehenga and hefty jewellery. The grand celebration demands a royal outfit and royal jewellery worn since our Mughal era, also known as Polki. The most popular choice when it comes to bridal jewellery is the uncut diamonds handcrafted into fine polki diamond jewellery.


These timeless adornments are a specialty of Rajasthan and are adorned by women in auspicious ceremonies and festivities. The elegance of uncut diamonds that are used in their natural form without much human interference. They are retained in their most raw form making every stone different in cut and shape even when crafted in jewellery with gold. The lesser intervention makes polki diamonds last longer and is often bought as an heirloom investment.

Diamondtree feels proud to be able to craft a striking collection of exclusive Polki diamond jewellery set in gold, a perfect amalgamation of our heritage and modern outlook. Keeping Indian legacy at the soul of every piece, celebrate your love for traditional jewellery with Polki, a collection that's as elegant and unique as you are.

Shop Polki Jewellery Online for Women To Grab Everyone’s Attention

Raw uncut diamonds are carefully studded along with magnificent gemstones, entrancing pearls and splendid gold work alongside an open setting to frame a lightweight necklace set. Stylishly charming designs highlighting conventional floral and animal motifs are extremely well known.


With the ongoing craze of choosing the most unique bridal lehengas, modern brides are experimenting with their lehenga colours instead of going with conventional reds and maroons. If you are looking for jewellery that complements your pastel hue lehenga then we have striking pastel stones and beads studded necklace set, even a stunning combination of contrasting colours that pops out on pastel peaches, lilacs and many more. Whether you adorn another trending orange, pink and green tinge outfit then you can surely find multiple options of Polki Necklace Sets matching orange and pink combination or all three together.

You can any day opt for bespoke Polki jewellery that blends with your lehenga so perfectly that nobody would be able to take their eyes off the princess-like bride.

Our collection comprises Polki studded in a beautiful heavy choker or a classic rani haar, multi-layered necklace, and multi-coloured necklace.

Online Polki Jewellery Collection By Diamondtree

From the bride to her mom, and her sisters, everyone has been choosing Polki-style wedding jewellery to be their first choice. Explore our exquisite Polki necklace designs online comprising magnificent pieces. For instance we have a stunning necklace studded with nine invaluable stones known as Navratna Polki necklace designed with clusters of uncut diamonds enclosed in diamonds along with the charm of yellow sapphire, red coral, blue sapphire ringruby rings, hessonite, emerald, cat eye and stunning green pearls. The nine stones when assembled have a specific divine importance and have been famous for ages for their mysterious ability.


Historically, in the Mughal era when jewellery was entirely handmade with elementary technology, stones were used in their most novel form exhibiting natural beauty and invaluable charm. Adornments with such rich history have been passed from one generation to another and are accepted to never go out of style but always showcase their exemplary vintage appeal. Timeless classic pieces displaying sophistication and excellence in different sizes and varieties are ideal for being your heirloom treasure.