Mor Pankh Diamond Bracelet

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This beautiful diamond mangalsutra bracelet captures the essence of romance and tradition, and the brilliance of everlasting bonds. Petals with white diamonds signify purity and flanking black beads add cultural significance to this splendid masterpiece.
  • 4.788 g
  • 14kt
  • Yellow Gold
  • `
  • 0.46 ct
  • I-J
  • SI
  • 0.35 ct
  • Beads
  • 10% Flat Discount on MRP

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Product Details
  • Gross Weight: 4.95 g
  • Length: 6.5 in
  • Width: 15.0 mm
Price Breakup
Component Rate Weight Original Value Discount Final Value
Gold 4397 4.788 21053 21053
Diamond & Polki 0.46 68901 68901
Gemstone 0.35 0 0
Making 9576 9576
Subtotal 99530 99530
Discount on MRP 10% 9953
Subtotal after Discount 89577
GST 2986 2687
Grand Total 102516 92264
The final price of the product and it's price break-up shall be shared after the product is manufactured as the gold, diamond and gemstones (if applicable) prices might slightly vary while manufacturing a new piece.

Introducing the Mor Pankh Diamond Bracelet, a masterpiece that beautifully encapsulates the essence of romance, tradition, and the brilliance of everlasting bonds. Inspired by the majestic peacock feather ("Mor Pankh"), this mangalsutra bracelet is a symbol of beauty, purity, and cultural heritage. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it features petals adorned with white diamonds that signify purity, while the flanking black beads add a layer of cultural significance and depth to this splendid creation.

Petals Adorned with White Diamonds:
The centerpiece of this exquisite bracelet is the petal design, each petal meticulously inlaid with white diamonds. These diamonds are chosen for their clarity and brilliance, symbolizing purity and the luminous journey of love. The petal design, inspired by nature's elegance, adds a touch of romantic allure to this mangalsutra bracelet, making it a perfect emblem of your cherished bonds.

Cultural Significance with Flanking Black Beads:
Adding to its beauty and meaning, the Mor Pankh Diamond Bracelet incorporates traditional black beads, a hallmark of mangalsutra designs. These beads are not just decorative elements but carry deep cultural significance, representing protection and the strength of the marital bond. They flank the diamond-adorned petals, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary elegance.

A Splendid Masterpiece of Craftsmanship:
Crafted with the utmost precision, this mangalsutra bracelet is a testament to skilled craftsmanship. Its design captures the imagination, invoking the splendor and grace of the peacock feather, while the combination of 14kt or 18kt gold, white diamonds, and black beads reflects a deep appreciation for cultural heritage and the beauty of everlasting bonds.

Perfect for Every Occasion:
Whether it's a special celebration, an anniversary, or a daily reminder of your journey together, the Mor Pankh Diamond Bracelet is suited for every occasion. Its blend of romance, tradition, and purity makes it an ideal accessory for the modern woman who cherishes her roots while embracing the journey of love and companionship.

A Token of Everlasting Love:
The Mor Pankh Diamond Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewelry; it's a token of everlasting love and commitment. It makes for a thoughtful gift, celebrating the essence of romance, tradition, and the unbreakable bonds of love.

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Product Details:

  • Design: Inspired by the peacock feather ("Mor Pankh") with white diamond petals and flanking black beads
  • Ideal for: Embodying romance, tradition, and the purity of everlasting bonds

Embrace the Mor Pankh Diamond Bracelet as a symbol of your romance, tradition, and the everlasting bond that you share, making every moment a celebration of love and cultural heritage.