Nature’s Tender Hold Diamond Earrings

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Drenched in the radiant glow of 14kt yellow gold, these diamond balis orchestrate a symphony of individuality. Their unequalled design and refined artistry reveal uniquely shaped flowers, each adorned by a diamond in the center. The deliberate asymmetry masterfully heightens their allure and the enchanting brilliant diamonds, carefully placed at the earrings' core, radiates ethereal allure and the eternal sophistication. Wearing these earrings is like adorning yourself with a piece of wearable art, a masterpiece that transcends trends, whispering the language of everlasting beauty.
  • 2.197 g
  • 14kt
  • Yellow Gold
  • `
  • 0.11 ct
  • H-I
  • VS-SI
  • 10% Flat Discount on MRP

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Product Details
  • Gross Weight: 2.22 g
  • Width: 5.0 mm
  • Height: 16.0 mm
Price Breakup
Component Rate Weight Original Value Discount Final Value
Gold 4486 2.197 9856 9856
Diamond & Polki 0.11 23352 23352
Making 4394 4394
Subtotal 37602 37602
Discount on MRP 10% 3760
Subtotal after Discount 33842
GST 1128 1015
Grand Total 38730 34857
The final price of the product and it's price break-up shall be shared after the product is manufactured as the gold, diamond and gemstones (if applicable) prices might slightly vary while manufacturing a new piece.

Introducing Nature’s Tender Hold Diamond Earrings – an exquisite blend of radiant glow, individuality, and refined artistry. Crafted with the warmth of 14kt yellow gold, these diamond balis are not just accessories; they are an orchestration of beauty and uniqueness. The design features uniquely shaped flowers, each centering a diamond that radiates an ethereal allure and sophistication. The deliberate asymmetry of these earrings adds to their charm, creating a piece of wearable art that whispers the language of everlasting beauty.

Embrace the Art of Asymmetry and Elegance

Nature’s Tender Hold Diamond Earrings stand as a testament to the beauty found in nature and the craftsmanship of jewelry artistry. The asymmetry is a deliberate choice, highlighting the uniqueness of each piece and ensuring that wearing these earrings is an expression of individual style and sophistication. The brilliant diamonds at the core of each flower capture the light, radiating a glow that is both enchanting and timeless.

Why Choose Nature’s Tender Hold Diamond Earrings?

  • Unmatched Individuality: Each earring is a celebration of uniqueness, with deliberately asymmetrical designs that stand out.
  • Refined Artistry: The craftsmanship behind these earrings reveals the beauty of uniquely shaped flowers, each adorned with a central diamond.
  • Radiant Glow: Crafted in 14kt yellow gold, these earrings drench you in a glow that complements any attire.
  • Eternal Sophistication: Beyond a mere accessory, these earrings are a piece of wearable art, offering timeless elegance and beauty.

A Masterpiece of Wearable Art

Nature’s Tender Hold Diamond Earrings are designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life – beauty, artistry, and individual expression. These earrings are perfect for any occasion, adding a touch of sophistication and unique charm to your ensemble. Whether it's a formal event or a casual gathering, these earrings will ensure you stand out with elegance.

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Transcend Trends with Everlasting Beauty

Adorning yourself with Nature’s Tender Hold Diamond Earrings is like embracing a timeless beauty that transcends trends. Each piece is a testament to the eternal sophistication and allure of nature, captured in the brilliance of diamonds and the warm glow of 14kt yellow gold. Let these earrings be your signature, a symbol of your unique style and the timeless beauty that you embody.