Regal Intricate Diamond Necklace Set

₹ 423,640 ₹ 381,276 SAVE ₹ 42,364
Garner all the attention with the excellent craftsmanship in this designer Diamond Necklace paired with elegant Diamond Earrings. This beautiful diamond set is crafted in 14kt Rose Gold.
  • 23.516 g
  • 14kt
  • Rose Gold
  • `
  • 2.959 ct
  • I-J
  • VS-SI
  • 10% Flat Discount on MRP

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SKU: S932 & SER930
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Product Details
  • Gross Weight: 24.11 g
  • Length: 16.5 in
  • Width: 13.0 mm
  • Height: 27.0 mm
Price Breakup
Component Rate Weight Original Value Discount Final Value
Gold 3939 23.516 92630 92630
Diamond & Polki 2.959 283397 283397
Making 35274 35274
Subtotal 411301 411301
Discount on MRP 10% 41130
Subtotal after Discount 370171
GST 12339 11105
Grand Total 423640 381276
The final price of the product and it's price break-up shall be shared after the product is manufactured as the gold, diamond and gemstones (if applicable) prices might slightly vary while manufacturing a new piece.

Introduction: Introducing the Regal Intricate Diamond Necklace Set – a testament to unparalleled craftsmanship and elegance. Designed for those with a discerning eye for luxury, this exquisite set features a stunning Diamond Necklace and matching Diamond Earrings, all beautifully crafted in 14kt Rose Gold. Perfect for garnering attention at any gathering, this set is not just jewelry; it's a statement of regality and sophistication.

Why Choose the Regal Intricate Diamond Necklace Set? Opting for the Regal Intricate Diamond Necklace Set means embracing the epitome of elegance and craftsmanship. Each piece in this set is a work of art, with diamonds meticulously arranged to showcase brilliance and beauty. The choice of 14kt Rose Gold adds a warm, luxurious glow that enhances the sparkle of the diamonds, making this set a perfect match for those who wish to stand out in grandeur.

  • Masterful Craftsmanship: Experience the excellence in design and execution, with every diamond perfectly set to create a dazzling display of light and luxury.
  • Elegant Pairing: The seamless pairing of the Diamond Necklace with the Diamond Earrings offers a cohesive, sophisticated look that's sure to turn heads.
  • Luxurious 14kt Rose Gold: The use of 14kt Rose Gold not only adds a touch of warmth but also ensures durability and timeless appeal, making this set a cherished addition to any collection.
  • Versatile Elegance: Whether it's a formal event, a wedding, or an elegant dinner, this diamond set complements any attire, elevating your look with its intricate design and sparkling diamonds.

Perfect Pairings: To complete your regal ensemble, consider pairing this set with a [related product link: Elegant Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet] or explore our [related collection link: Regal Elegance Collection] for pieces that resonate with the luxurious and intricate aesthetics of the Regal Intricate Diamond Necklace Set.

Conclusion: The Regal Intricate Diamond Necklace Set is an emblem of luxury and sophistication, designed to captivate and enchant. With its exquisite craftsmanship, elegant pairing, and the warm glow of 14kt Rose Gold, this set promises to make every moment a regal affair. Embrace the ultimate expression of elegance with this stunning diamond set from Diamondtree, and let your elegance shine at every occasion.

Step into the world of Diamondtree today and discover jewelry that's crafted for the truly discerning, offering unmatched elegance and sophistication.